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For over 40 years, Love & Faith World Outreach Ministries has impacted the nation of Jamaica through community intervention. We intend to continue and enhance upon this tradition.

Maxfield is a community that is currently plagued by negative societal forces. Ministry and the Word of God must become its cornerstone for true and meaningful change to occur. Love and Faith’s Transformational Centre aims to spearhead this change; allowing for the establishment, administration and accommodation of our multi-faceted vision. From 1989 - 2005, this exact location was the former home of Love and Faith Church. That means that this initiative to take back Maxfield one resident at a time is near and dear to our hearts. See below for our present and future core functions: 

  • Skills Training 

  • Technology Training 

  • Literacy Training

  • Drug Rehabilitation

  • Feeding Programmes

  • Clothing Distribution

  • Behavioural Programmes

  • Job Placement Family Life

  • Counselling

  • Early Childhood Education

  • Media Ministry

  • Youth Athletic Programmes


For decades, Love and Faith has given birth to Conferences, Workshops and Seminars throughout Jamaica, the Caribbean and numerous territories overseas. Consequently, we have become one of the primary bases of operation for spiritual development in the region. Aimed at training, equipping and certifying Christians of every denomination, the Maxfield Community Transformational Centre will grant us the opportunity to bring a greater level of awareness and exposure to the Kingdom of God.


Designed to facilitate the simultaneous orchestration of several Kingdom-focused initiatives, the multi-purpose centre and future Sanctuary of Love and Faith, will allow us to provide sufficient teaching and discipleship for believers along various points in their spiritual journey. We intend to function as a pillar within the community of Maxfield and Jamaica; strengthening generations not only practically but in a way that brings focus to the message and works of Christ, our Lord.

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