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MARCH 24, 2024


Palm Sunday commemorates the time when Jesus rode on a donkey into Jerusalem. This was significant then, as a week after this, He was crucified, hung on a cruel cross. It would seem that some of the very people who shouted “Hosanna to the Son of David!”, casting their clothing, spreading palm branches on the streets, celebrating His royal entry into this famous city, were the very ones, to shout, “crucify Him!” a few days hence. It is significant now for us, as we remember what Jesus endured to bring us salvation. For many Christians, today marks the beginning of the last week of lent, the time set aside to remember the Lord’s passion, it includes Holy Thursday and Good Friday, the day of the crucifixion.

It is significant for us, as we see prophecy fulfilled, as the prophet Zechariah saw this, hundreds of years before, “Rejoice greatly, o daughter of Zion!” Shout, daughter of Jerusalem! See your King comes to you, righteous and having salvation, gentle and riding on a donkey, on a colt, the foal of a donkey” Zech. 9:9. Jesus Christ, the unusual leader, coming to His people, not on a horse, as other kings would, but coming on a lowly beast, a donkey. What would the people have thought about such a leader?

He had been with the people, healing their maladies and diseases, feeding them, driving our demons from them, raising their dead back to life, offering them hope and renewal as a nation, but now this joyous time was soon to turn into shock and awe, suffering and turmoil. Therefore, imagine if you were there on this day, in Jerusalem, 2000 years ago, what would have been your response to Jesus? Would you bear the palm branches one day, and then shout the next for his arrest and death? Would you have gone with the throng or sit by more reservedly, saying nothing?

You and I are constantly on the cutting edge of significance. Our motives are constantly being tested. This great Savior, Lord and Christ, Messiah, King of the Kingdom of God, revealer of hearts and minds, with Him, we cannot hide. All our love is due Him. Let us bow down and worship, He and He alone deserves it all! Amen!

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Bishop Neville & Rev. Jennefier Owens

Love and Faith World Outreach Ministries

93 Maxfield Avenue, Kingston 13

(876) 929-3968 or (876) 929-3969

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